SBC is a private chef and catering business set up by me, Stephanie Boote. We work between London, Bristol and the South West and beyond. Max Pasetti and I now run the company. With a wealth of experience between us in events and a background in London and Paris restaurants we specialise in weddings and private events as well as running our own pop up. We use seasonal, local and ethical ingredients to create menus for clients that fit their needs. Our dishes are honest and straightforward, in the vein of British or Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours, balancing flavours to compliment and showcase excellent produce, preserving it's integrity. Through A Tavola we offer rustic Italian menus driven by Max, making fresh pasta and more on site for events.

We can take care of everything for you from start to finish, welcome drinks to pack down, everything and everyone involved in between and we love being a part of that process. We have a small and trusty, talented team of chefs and waiting staff who work their magic on event days with us, and are a huge part of the experience we offer clients.

Cooking for events is so personal, and we love being a part of that process. We want to make everything just as you hoped it would be, and if you aren’t entirely sure what you want from the off then we are also excited to be a part of those decisions based on who you are and what you like.